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About Mindful Dying

Physician Support at the Bedside

Dr. Jackie Yaeger is a board certified palliative care physician with over 25 years of experience. Using her medical expertise she can help you manage physical symptoms by prescribing appropriate comfort medications or recommending alternative treatments. 

As a trained End-of-Life Doula, Dr. Yaeger will  also  address  spiritual, emotional and psychological needs. She will help you and your family find ways to honor this time of transition. By being an experienced, calm and compassionate presence, she will help you and your family be fully present to the experience of dying and loss.

What does an End-of-Life Doula do?

 Like the labor of being born, the labor of dying can be difficult, unpredictable and even frightening for the person who is dying and for loved ones gathered at the bedside.  As an End-of-Life Doula, Dr. Yaeger is trained to help create and maintain a sacred, safe space for the precious journey of dying to unfold.

Wisdom and Guidance


As an End-of-Life Doula, Dr. Yaeger is  like a trail guide, familiar with the path,  she keeps you hiking through the hard parts, knowing the view at the end is incredible.

"Dr. Jackie's wise guidance and calm presence was reassuring to all of us and allowed our father to have a graceful death...she helped us to be fully present to him"  Mary Ann G.

What is an End-of-Life Doula?

Dying Time Care Plan

Ideally, one would begin preparations for dying months or years before the dying time begins. Dr. Yaeger can help you create a "Dying Time Care Plan" for yourself or a loved one.  This plan might include such things as: 

  • What relationships need to be honored or reconciled before death?
  • What spiritual traditions or rituals should be included before and after death?
  • What music to play  in the room during the dying time?
  • What should be done to honor the body after death?
  • What burial or funeral traditions are important for this person?

 Dr. Yaeger then helps you to determine the steps you need to take right now to make sure  these wishes can be fulfilled.

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Timing is Everything

How much time do I have? This critical question is often not asked out loud and even if asked, is often not answered. Our medical system is set up to prolong life and can sometimes be unable to see that a person has started their dying journey.  Dr. Yaeger has years of experience with dying people and can often help answer this question.  She can make a home visit or go to a medical/nursing facility to provide you and your family some guidance.

Jackie Yaeger, MD

The Intensive Vigil Support Program is for the last days and hours of someone's life. During this time, Dr. Yaeger can guide and support you by being present at the bedside in your home or wherever you may be. This is intensive in nature as Dr. Yaeger will spend many hours with you and your family during the dying time.

"I will be your guide and help you understand the dying process and what to expect next. I can show you what you can do to help your loved one be more comfortable. I can be the calm presence in the room to make sure your loved one is as comfortable a possible. I can help you know when to give medications and can adjust the doses when needed. This will free you to be fully present, to grieve, and to fall apart if you need to. I will be there to watch over things."

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What does a Death Doula Do?

Not from the La Crosse Area?

If you live outside of the La Crosse, WI  area, Dr. Yaeger will provide End-of-Life Coaching for you and your family over the phone or by Skype . We can include even those family members who live far from you. Sometimes, I can network and find someone who lives near you and provides this kind of care.

Doula By Phone

Urgent Need for Services?

If your loved one is dying right now and you suddenly feel the need for additional support,  please feel free to call.   I can usually clear my schedule and come to the bedside to support you, even on short notice.

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Sudden,Unexpected Death?

Immediately after a sudden and unexpected death, I may be able to help. I can help you understand what has happened medically. I can sit with you and together we might find a way to honor your loved ones dying time. process what has happened medically and then help you honor your loved one's dying time using simple honoring rituals

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How can I help?

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Service Area: Within 30 miles of La Crosse, WI

For those outside of the La Crosse Area, End-of-Life Coaching Available by phone or Skype


End-Of-Life Doula Services

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